⚡Feature updates

  • Customers with a Pipedrive integration can now automatically have the Online Quote link pushed back into Pipedrive. Contact us for the possibilities.

  • We have improved the calculations with string inverters: with panels with different orientations or inclination angles, a yield is now shown. Yield calculations will of course improve if you adjust the string in such a way that the panels are in the same inclination angle and orientation.

🗺️ Geodata updates

  • For Flanders 🇧🇪 we have again added high resolution aerial photos for a number of municipalities (the green municipalities).

🧪New features in beta

  • With the new product catalog we have given the 'products and prices' in your preferences and the financial page of your quotation a new, clear look. In addition, you can create product variations, add SKUs or change the name yourself. Read more here (Dutch).

🐛 Issues & bugfixes

  • When you create a project at an address for which a project already exists, you get another warning

  • Bug with package prices for systems with single inverters has been fixed. When more than 1 inverter was selected, the package price button was no longer available.

  • It is possible again to save the image of your system design with a right mouse click;

  • For the eastern part of NL the software will automatically detect the most recent height maps;;

  • The company detail fields can be edited without e-mail address or website being mandatory fields;

  • The address search bar is improved, you can search now also search only on place, city, housenumber or street;

  • The datepicker in the montioring request form has been enlarged;

  • There are a number of translation improvements in the Spanish version of our app 🇪🇸;

  • The zoomlevel of when selecting a building before project creation is set to a pleasant level;

  • For beta testers: the 'duplicate grid' buttons are fully visible again;

  • Obstacle losses are even better distributed in automatic yield calculations;

  • A bug with duplicated system designs where the original optimizer wasn't editable anymore, is fixed. Now a user can change optimizes for duplicated systems.

    Bugs fixed when the new product catalog feature is rolled out (planned in week 35):

  • If you have packages with inactive elements (panels or inverters), this is now visible in your package list

  • Bug with the van der Valk integration where meters were displayed in millimeters has been solved

  • Issue with other products that could no longer be retrieved on the financial page with the beta feature 'use new product catalog' is now fixed.

  • Bug that reset margin to 0 when you re-open the financial page of a quote is fixed with the rollout of the new product catalog.

  • Fixed a bug where consumers could not open the online offer. This was because it turned out that projects created via a Pipedrive integration did not automatically have the correct language setting. This is now set automatically.

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