⚡Feature update

New address search field

Already deployed in 🇧🇪 & 🇪🇸; we reduced the postal-code and house number search fields on the 'create new project page' to one search field.

Besides postal code and house number you can search on street or city! It is also possible to create a project on any given location by simply moving the map to the correct site. For unknown addresses (e.g. in case of new buildings) you can also enter any address data to create a project.

Hourly shading calculations

We used to calculate the shading factor (which is the amount of shading losses due to obstacles) on a daily basis. With this feature update we are able to calculate the shading factor per hour!

This makes:

  • the automatic yield calculations even more accurate;

  • the productions and consumption graph on the financial page very realistic;

  • the return on investment calculations more reliable.

Read further on our blog (Dutch) or contact our support. The update is triggered when you save an existing system design again, or when saving a new system design. Available in 🇳🇱 and 🇧🇪.

🐛 Issues & bugfixes

  • A BUG with disappearing SKU's for custom CRM integrations has been solved;

  • When language settings are changed after an online offer is proposed, these proposed offers will now automatically translate to the newly set language;

  • 'Duplicate Entry' bug for Pipedrive integration users is solved;

  • van der Valk reports can be generated again!

  • In a small number of cases where a property was not selected first, the automatic yield calculation could not be done because the elevation map gave incorrect values. This bug is now fixed. Only in 🇳🇱.

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